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OurHoaSite is unlike most homeowner association websites, we give you the power to maintain the content on your website. Many sites charge monthly fees for an association website and then charge extra for hosting, the domain name, updates and fixes, etc. OurHoaSite believes in letting you be the master of your own site.

OurHoaSite is a web based application that can be accessed from any computer, smartphone or tablet with an internet connection (standard data rates apply). Each property is allowed one (password protected) admin account to maintain the data on their site. From the Admin section, you'll be able to enter your property and board information, list important service contacts and links, publish your newsletter, president's report, track important dates on the calendar of events and much, much, more! By maintaining your own content, you no longer have to pay for a developer's time to publish your information and best of all, your changes are immediately available on the site! That's right, as soon as you click the save button, members of your community will be able to see the new content without having to wait.

For the low rate of only $249 per year, you can have your own association website. This comes to only $20.75 per month to service your entire community! After joining OurHoaSite, go to the OurHoaSite homepage, search for your property and click the Go! button - It's THAT easy! Once you're on your site you can begin entering all the data for your community by clicking the "Login" link (located at the top right corner of the page).

OurHoaSite is perfect for property management companies, associations, apartment building owners, etc. We do not charge extra based on the size of your community, there are no hidden fees or charges, and it's easy to use! Simply click on the Join Now link to get started.

We are so confident you will enjoy OurHoaSite, we will give you a 30 day RISK FREE trial period. If you are not completely satisfied with this product, do nothing. However, when you agree that this is exactly what your property has been looking for, send your payment and continue using OurHoaSite for an entire year at no additional charge.

Don't be fooled by the competition, see for yourself what OurHoaSite has to offer.

How easy is OurHoaSite?

OurHoaSite Features

Feature OurHoaSite
Price $249/year
1 Master Account
Contacts Unlimited
Committees Unlimited
25 images
Unlimited links and ability to create your own custom pages
Documents &
50 printable Forms/Documents
Local Weather, CNN Headline News, Fox News, Upcoming Events, Board Info, Property Management Info
Themes 15 (plus one custom theme available per property)
Yes, for desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices

If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us or see a working demo of OurHoaSite below.

Live Working Demo!

For a live, working demonstration of OurHoaSite, visit www.ourhoasite.com/IL/DemoEstates/

Login: demo@ourhoasite.com
Password: demo

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